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We are InnSail, a booking website dedicated to offering private and shared boat experiences.


What do we do

We bring the world of yachting together in a way that has never been connected before.

InnSail is a digital marketplace where boat owners, charter companies, skippers, and boat renters use to connect and transact with each other.
We offer boat owners a way to offset their cost of ownership and earn extra money by renting their whole boat or a cabin in a trip to prescreened qualified renters.

At Innsail we create safe and unique boat rental experiences for all kinds of public, and it’s free to join with no monthly membership fees. Unlike boat clubs, you only pay when you want to charter a boat.
Whether you’re looking for a power boat for water sports and general cruising, a fishing boat for exploring a local fishing spots, or a sailboat for leisurely cruising, we’ve got the right one.
We connect Skippers and Owners, with people who want to have an approach to the sea and even if they don’t necessarily need a whole boat. It is aimed at those people who seek to share real and close experiences with the sea and its sailors.
Our users can find voyages by geographical navigation area, by duration, or by type of activity.
Find information on the availability of boats and trips in a centralized and easy way, compare prices, read reviews, book and pay quickly in a safe manner.

Our mission

We are passionate about creating a world where anyone can embark on a boat adventure. We strive every day to make browsing accessible to everyone.

Our team

We are a group of fun, hardworking, creative and experienced professionals who are also sailors; our team comes from all over the world, just like our yachts. The love of sailing makes it our mission to get everyone on board.


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: +34 608 006 097



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